New Research Report: Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Myanmar

New Research Report: Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Myanmar

Another blog post and another research report focusing on Myanmar’s taxation system:

Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Myanmar: Current Processes and Future Priorities in Public Financial Management Reform

This was my final research report developed at Myanmar’s Centre for Economic and Social Development.

The paper ‘Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Myanmar’ takes a look at how Myanmar’s State, Region and Union governments relate to each other as part of budget and planning processes.

Although it is targeted at a more general audience, it has been developed in the interest of providing greater clarity around the informal and formal processes that inform public budget processes and fiscal decentralization in Myanmar.

As somebody who started his career in government, I think perhaps one strengths of this report was that many of the initial findings were tested at the drafting stage as part of an interactive workshop the team held in Naypyitaw.


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