R Programming for Public Policy Analysis

Early in 2019 I posted a short ‘listicle’ with some of the key reasons I think Python and/or R should become essential tools in a modern policy analyst’s toolkit.

The full article is here, but the headline points in the article were; R programming’s use across disciplines fitting in well with multidisciplinary policy analysis teams; the greater reproducibility/transparency written code provides; and the practical advantages that can come from automating repetitive bits of policy analysis (such as reporting results of policy analysis across multiple scenarios).…

A Review of John Hopkins University’s Online Data Science Specialization (Coursera.org)

So for all those loyal subscribers out there (hey mum!) you might wonder what the hell happened to my constant stream of insightful, relevant and handsome blog posts.

Well, I’d have to say you’re thinking about me a little too much – I’d suggest committing yourself to a hobby like me.…

Fiio X5 vs Cowon J3 Review

For anybody out there who knows anything about science, you’ll know that all good superheroes have a realistic and scientifically-plausible origin story.

Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider, Rubber-Man was exposed to radiation and Batman inherited wealth.

And although it’s typically inadvisable to use the term ‘hero’ when describing oneself, to use any other term would be disingenuous.…