Open Myanmar Initiative’s Budget Explorer Launched – Budget Data Visualization in R

Yet another quiet couple of months on the blogging front can be explained by me feverishly working on a number of projects as I reach my 2 year anniversary in Myanmar. The latest of these has been the launching of the Open Myanmar Initiative’s Budget Dashboard, which is now available online here:

The website, which I helped develop using the open-source R language and the free Shiny library provides the first user-friendly interface for exploring Myanmar’s budgets both at the Union level and across all 14 States and Regions.…

New Article Published – State and Region Public Finances in Myanmar

Hey all,

So no doubt you would have all noticed I have been rather silent lately on the ye olde interweb. Although there is of course no excuse for this, it’s predominantly a result of having been working rather intensely on a piece of research looking at Myanmar’s public finance system:

This paper focuses on understanding the role of state and region governments in relation to Myanmar’s public finances.